Position: TEN Bartender-part time

Bartenders prepare and serve drinks to all patrons in a professional and responsible manner. Before each shift, they make sure there are plenty of garnishes, enough ice and that the refrigerated areas are well-stocked with beer and other beverages that need to be kept cold. Bartenders take payments for drinks, operate the cash register and make change. They may serve food to customers seated at the bar, making sure the orders are correct and setting out condiments and napkins. The bartender will be required to change beer kegs when necessary and restock bottled and canned beer from the cooler. Bartenders keep the bar clean throughout their shift, properly wiping down countertops and clearing empty glasses and other items from the bar. Bartenders must also check identification of customers to be sure they are legally old enough to buy alcohol.

The Northern Hotel offers competitive pay and benefits such as health, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as various discounts throughout our hotel, boutique, and restaurants. In addition, the Northern Hotel prides itself in being a premier employer within Billings, Montana. With endless opportunities, the staff is always welcoming and eager to meet demands. If you are interested in joining this exciting team, submit your application and resume today!